Children and
Crime Victims' Compensation

The most seasoned advocates are still stunned when confronted with the victimization of a child. The staff of the Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC) Program also experiences difficulty when dealing with the lost innocence of a child. Last year we received more than 5,000 applications on behalf of children who had been sexually or physically assaulted. This figure represents the second highest percentage of CVC applications received.

The CVC staff works as team in reviewing eligibility and making benefit decisions on all applications. This is especially true with claims involving child victims. Our eligibility reviewers, awards casemanagers, nurses, and accounting staff all receive specialized training to help them with the disturbing situations contained in offense and medical reports. We also work closely with the hundreds of CVS grantees who work with these children and who help their families complete applications.

To help advocates identify available benefits for child victims and their families, we have prepared a fact sheet for easy reference.