Dear Advocates:

The theme for this year's Crime Victim Rights Week is "Victim Rights: Every Victim. Every Time." It serves as a reminder to us all to advance the rights of victims and expand the services they need to rebuild their lives. It envisions a world in which all victims receive the support they need to recover from the aftermath of violence.

This initiative is especially important for our most vulnerable victims: children. For this issue of our Enewsletter, we asked children's advocates to give us their thoughts. What is it that drew them to helping victims and what is it that enables them to continue their important work? These insights can help all of us who are dedicated to serving victims.

The Seagoville Police Department contacted our office on behalf of a 13-year-old girl who had been assaulted while on a trip to Florida. Getting help for this young girl required the police department, the sexual assault advocate from Victims Outreach in Dallas, the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center at Parkland Hospital, and our compensation program to work closely together. Thanks to their commitment, this precious child received the help she needed.

This is but one incident among thousands that each of you experience every day. Your commitment, compassion, and willingness to work together gives true meaning to our vision of rebuilding lives and providing every victim with his or her rights every time.


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Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas