Dear Advocates:

October is observed as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I thank all of those in the crime victims' community for your commitment and your compassion for domestic violence survivors. You restore hope where hope has been stolen. At the same time, you protect hope by working to prevent domestic violence. We at the Office of the Attorney General are proud to stand with you in this noble and much needed effort.

February marks National Teen Violence Awareness and Prevention Week. This issue of our Crime Victim Services Update focuses on teen dating violence awareness, and we are grateful to the Texas Advocacy Project, the Bexar County Family Justice Center, the Travis County Sheriff's Office, Safeplace and the Texas Council on Family Violence for their contributions.

Also included is information on recent legislative changes that impact our Crime Victim Services Division. Among those changes is a new requirement that we create an address confidentiality program for victims of family violence, stalking, and sexual assault by June 1, 2008. Additionally, we have created and posted a pseudonym form for victims of family violence and have amended our Crime Victims' Compensation Application to reflect legislative directives.

Finally, I want to encourage you to join advocates from across the state and nation at our Crime Victim Services Conference November 13-15 in San Antonio. It will be a great opportunity to receive training and to network with others in the crime victim advocacy community.


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Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas