Helping Law Enforcement Serve Victims

The US Department of Justice/ Office for Victims of Crime has released First Response to Victims of Crime, a new educational multimedia package produced by the National Sheriffs' Association. The materials—a 30-minute video available in both DVD (NCJ 211619) and VHS (NCJ 211618) formats, and a companion guidebook (NCJ 217272)—address the impact of crime on victims and describe steps that law enforcement can take, as first responders, to meet victim needs.

The way people cope as victims of crime largely depends on their experiences and treatment by others immediately after the crime. For this reason, law enforcement officers, as first responders, are in a unique position to help victims cope with the immediate trauma of a crime, and regain a sense of security and control over their lives.

Victimizations covered in the video include sexual assault, drunk driving, homicide, human trafficking, and mass casualties. Specific victim populations addressed include older victims, children, victims who have a disability, and immigrants. To request a copy of the DVD, video, or guidebook visit the OVC Web site.