Dear Advocates:

This issue of our newsletter features important information about our new Address Confidentiality Program (ACP). During the 80th Legislative Session, Sen. Eddie Lucio authored legislation creating the program, which authorizes the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to provide this service to crime victims.

The ACP enables Texas victims of family violence, stalking and sexual assault to obtain a confidential address that will help protect their privacy and keep them secure. The OAG has partnered closely with other state agencies and nonprofit organizations in developing the ACP, and the success of this important program depends on the continuation of this collaborative effort. The OAG administers the new program, enrolling applicants and forwarding their mail. For their part, crime victim advocates can play a crucial role by getting the word out about the program, educating participating entities and discussing safety options.

It is this united effort - bridging public agencies and nonprofit associations - that will make the program successful. Please accept our gratitude for the assistance that your respective organizations provide as we implement the Address Confidentiality Program. Working together we can ensure this program provides the meaningful protections intended by the Texas Legislature.


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Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas