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Volume I • Number VIII
Letter from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
Milestones are important markers of how far travelers have come in their journey, and the Texas crime victim advocacy movement has crossed an important milestone of its own. In August, the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Program exceeded $1 billion in total payments since it began in January 1980. It is encouraging to remember that this money has helped victims across Texas to receive...

2009 Crime Victim Services Division Conference
The Crime Victim Services Division Biennial Conference, Horizons, will be held November 19-21, 2009 in Austin at the Renaissance Hotel. Discover what is on the horizon in victim services for Texas and the nation. Join us in learning new skills, improving existing services and working toward a brighter horizon for victims and their families....

Milestone $1 Billion Reached by Texas Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund
The Texas Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund, which is administered by the Office of the Attorney General, has distributed $1 billion in financial assistance to crime victims and their families since its creation in 1980....

Funding Forensic Medical Exams for Sexual Assault Victims
Healing from a sexual assault is personal and varies from survivor to survivor. Initial reactions may be shock, disbelief and fear. Everyday activities may be disrupted, including eating and sleeping. Victims may feel the need to change their address, job or lifestyle in order to gain a sense of security....

Crime Victim Services Division Legislative Update
A summary of victim-related legislation that affects the Crime Victim Services Division and Crime Victims' Compensation Program....

Children’s Exposure to Violence
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Safe Start Center has published "Healing the Invisible Wounds: Children's Exposure to Violence." The guide, which is available in English and Spanish...

The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence has published its online Resource Guide to help commemorate 2009 National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, scheduled for October....

Law Enforcement Response to People with Mental Illnesses
The Council of State Governments has released "The Law Enforcement Response to People with Mental Illnesses: A Guide to Research-informed Policy and Practice...."

Ethics in Victim Services
The Office for Victims of Crime has released Ethics in Victim Services, a new online curriculum that explores common ethical conflicts and how to apply ethical standards and decision making to resolve them....

Strengthening Sexual Assault Victims' Right to Privacy
The Office for Victims of Crime has published "Strengthening Sexual Assault Victims' Right to Privacy." This excellent e-publication provides practical assistance to statewide sexual assault coalitions and rape crisis centers to help them maintain victim confidentiality....

Emergency Service Training for Volunteers
The Department of Justice/ Office for Victims of Crime is distributing the new "Good Samaritans: Volunteers Helping Victims Program Handbook and Training Guide" designed to train volunteers to...

School Safety Data
"Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2008" is now available from the United States Department of Justice. It features data on crime and safety in schools that affect students...

Send CVS Your Most Meaningful Remembrance
Next year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Texas Victims of Crime Compensation Fund. We are asking you to send us your most meaningful story of how crime victims' compensation has helped a victim or their family. Advocates are integral in assisting...

National Crime Victim Rights Week 2010
National Crime Victims' Rights Week is scheduled for April 18 - 24, 2010. The theme is "Crime Victims' Rights: Fairness. Dignity. Respect...."


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