Dear Advocates:

Milestones are important markers of how far travelers have come in their journey, and the Texas crime victim advocacy movement has crossed an important milestone of its own. In August, the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Program exceeded $1 billion in total payments since it began in January 1980. It is encouraging to remember that this money has helped victims across Texas to receive the emergency assistance, counseling and medical treatment they have needed. This $1 billion milestone is even more meaningful in light of the fact that the Texas Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund remains solvent at a time when many other states are having difficulty with their budgets.

This issue of the Crime Victim Services Division E Newsletter commemorates that important milestone, but it also highlights developments that will help us continue to assist crime victims in the years to come. Some of those developments took place in the recently completed session of the Texas Legislature, which made some changes that will impact the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund.

I also want to encourage you to attend our Crime Victim Services Division Conference in Austin on November 19-21, 2009. This multidisciplinary training offers foundational courses as well as cutting-edge training for seasoned advocates. Advocates from all disciplines will also have the chance to network and collaborate, ensuring that we will continue to work together to rebuild the lives of victims and their families long into the future.


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Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas