Material Requests

In our continued efforts to assist victim service providers and allied professionals in their response to victims of crime, we are pleased to announce that there is a new supply of victim publications at OAG. Many of the brochures, palm cards, guide books, reports and posters are available at no cost.

To place a publication order please use our Crime Victims Materials Request Form. Mail or fax your supply request form to the OAG at the contact number listed on the bottom of the form.

We encourage you to view each of the victim service publications online. There are a few documents that are only available online and have been provided to you so that you may produce and distribute. If you are interested in producing and/or distributing paper copies of these documents, simply save the PDF of the brochure on a disc or flashdrive, take it to a local copy center and print as many copies as you need on the paper of your choice.

The OAG publications are printed in limited quantities, and our ability to fill orders is based upon availability.