Remote Access to the CVC Claims System

In telecommunication, the term remote access applies to communication with a data processing facility from a remote location. Remote access can also refer to a type of software. However, for many victim service advocates and allied professionals, remote access is a common terminology referring to the convenience of using their computers to communicate online with the CVC program�s mainframe computer system.

For those of you not familiar with CVC Remote Access, we believe you will be pleased to learn that you bypass the CVC telephone call center and gain access from your computer or computer network via the Internet into our mainframe system to retrieve basic and pertinent CVC claim information. Considering that the Crime Victim Service Division�s call center receives up to 2,500 calls per week, CVC Remote Access is a valuable feature giving you the confidence and convenience of knowing that when you connect to the Internet and link your computer to our system you will be able to quickly gather CVC claim information. For security reasons, this is not a system for victim use.

Our Remote Access database is designed to assist law enforcement personnel, non-profit victim advocates and service providers with general case information. Specifically, all applicable users shall be able to view CVC claim status, CVC staff assignment and CVC staff contact information. In addition, service providers may view information specific to their own service provider tax identification number. Nonprofit victim advocates may view additional information to include all medical bills paid and system history.

For all Remote Access users, valuable time spent on the telephone or waiting for a return call will be reduced dramatically, improving your ability to manage, record and monitor your victim services. If you would like to join or find out more about CVC Remote Access, email your request to