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CVS Update

April 2011

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week
Reshaping the Future, Honoring the Past

April 10 – 16, 2011

April 10, 2011, marks the beginning of National Crime Victims Rights Week, a time to honor victims and advocates of victims’ rights.

“This year’s theme - Reshaping the Future, Honoring the Past - pays tribute to the millions of crime victims over the decades who have summoned the strength to rebuild their shattered lives, families, and communities, one step at a time. Similarly, it honors the victim service community whose members have walked alongside these victims, responding to their courage with unwavering commitment and skillful guidance.” U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime.

In communities throughout the state, there are plans underway for the National Crime Victim’s Rights Week Activities. This is indeed a time for victims, survivors, family members, victim advocates, criminal justice professionals and community members to come together in a united effort to honor and remember our loved ones and the crimes which have affected our lives.

To learn how some of our Texas communities are joining victims, survivors, family members, community members, victim advocates and criminal justice professionals in remembering and honoring crime victims please browse on the link below.

Calendar of events.

The Crime Victim Services Division would like to thank all of you who have invited us to take part in your efforts to raise public awareness on crime victims’ rights and issues.

2011 Crime Victim Services Conference

November 14-16, 2011

Please mark your calendar for the 2011 Crime Victim Services Conference scheduled for November 14-16, 2011.

The Crime Victim Services Conference is a biennial conference specifically designed for victim service and criminal justice professionals who work directly with victims of crime including: law enforcement, prosecution and probation officers, medical and mental health providers and nonprofit victim advocates.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s conference will be held in Houston, at the Westin Galleria Hotel. The conference schedule will feature a two and half day training format, meeting from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday and then from 8 a.m. till 12 noon on Wednesday.

The registration fee for the Crime Victim Services Conference is $265 per person. The registration fee includes materials, sessions and workshops, a banquet, some meals and between session refreshments. We will provide additional conference information as we approach the registration date.

Online conference registration will open in June 2011.

Westin Galleria Hotel guest rooms are already being reserved. You may make your guest room reservations directly by contacting the Westin Galleria Hotel, 5060 West Alabama, Houston Texas, (713) 960-8100.

You may also make your hotel room reservation online at the web address: We look forward to seeing you at our much-anticipated conference!

Helping Keep the Grantee Informed

In cooperation with the Texas Legislature, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) provides vital support to victims of crime throughout the state by awarding grants and contracts to hundreds of local and statewide victim assistance programs.

In commitment to sharing grant opportunities with our partners in victim services across the state, the OAG is currently reviewing the recently submitted Victim Services Fiscal Year 2012-2013 CVS Grant and Contract applications. The Grant and Contract awards are anticipated to be determined this summer.

To help keep you up-to-date, the OAG offers an entirely free informational service referred to as the Email Subscriptions Center. This service assists registered members in obtaining current information about a variety of OAG topics, including OAG grant funding opportunities.

If you would like to receive notification of Crime Victim Services grant opportunities and information, you may want to visit the OAG Email Subscriptions Center and subscribe to the specified Grants Administration Updates link.

To subscribe to the Grants Administration Updates or any of the applicable listed subscriptions, please visit:

As a future Email Subscriptions Center participant you can login to your OAG account using your email/password and gain access to important grant information.

CVSD Regional Coordinators

As many of you are aware, the mission of the Crime Victim Services Division (CVSD) is to assist in the compassionate and effective delivery of crime victim services by offering information, resources, funding and education to crime victims and the organizations that assist them. The CVSD’s regional training and outreach program performs an integral role in the success of our mission.

In addition to the CVSD’s main business office located in Austin, Texas, CVSD maintains five other offices in different regional cities expanding across Texas. In each office a CVSD Regional Coordinator is staffed to exclusively provide crime victim services. In totality, our victim services regional outreach program expands across every county in Texas!

View the Regional Coordinator map.

The CVSD Regional Coordinators offer Crime Victims’ Compensation training and curriculum to prosecutor’s offices, law enforcement, victim assistance groups and providers of services. They also assist with researching and responding to questions from victims, victim advocacy groups, prosecutor’s offices, and law enforcement agencies. At request, the Regional Coordinator may provide direct victim assistance to victims and their families.

The Regional Coordinators are also available to participate in your local task forces, coalitions and regional events such as the Tree of Angels and National Crime Victims Rights Week. You may contact your local Regional Coordinator to schedule CVSD to participate in your upcoming event, conduct an anticipated training or to provide CVC assistance.

Regional Coordinator contact information:

Carole McDanielAmarillo/Panhandle Region(806) 371-0999
Diana GansleDallas/North Texas Region(214) 879-9761
Christine KruhalskiEl Paso/West Texas Region(915) 834-5815
Karen MartinAustin/Central Texas Region(512) 463-6294
Rene NguyenHouston/Southeast Texas Region(713) 755-9560
Manny RuizSan Antonio/South Texas Region(210) 270-1117

To see the schedule of upcoming training events please visit:


The Crime Victim Service Division staff would like to extend its thanks and appreciation to the many excellent victim service agencies, organizations, and individuals that partner with us to carry out the important task of providing Crime Victims’ Compensation assistance.

From September 2010 through March 2011, the CVC program has paid out over $45 million for expenses incurred as a result of the crime. During this same time period, more than 6,000 victims or claimants have received at least one payment.

CVC has determined that of the 6,000 victims who received at least one payment in this time period, approximately half of these victims were assisted by advocates, law enforcement agencies, or a trained service provider across Texas. The victims who had advocates assisting them locally received a first payment 27% faster than a victim without advocate assistance!

We believe that this faster payment points out the importance of the trained advocates in Texas. We will continue our vigorous efforts to provide CVC training and outreach.

Below are short summaries of the five fastest paid applications in March 2011 and demonstrate the effectiveness of victim assistance – payments made in under seven calendar days:

Payment made in six days

Payment made in six days

Payment made in six days

Payment made in seven days

Payment made in seven days