Crime Victim Services

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a Federal Employer Identification Number?
  2. What is a Vendor Identification Number?
  3. Why was the Excel Workbook updated?
  4. Where can I find my Unique Application Number?
  5. I'm having trouble with Tab P. My narrative information does not fit into the space provided, how should I proceed?
  6. How do I define the number of "Unique Victims Served"?
  7. For VCLG Applicants, is there an exception to the requirement that "A minimum of 75% of an Applicant’s budget must be allocated to the Personnel and Fringe Budget categories"?
  8. If I am asking for an exception from the personnel requirements, how do I write the application and especially the budget, is it with or without the exception being granted?


  1. Why were the SAPCS-State and SAPCS-Federal Workbooks updated?
  2. Can my organization ask for money to pay for administrative positions on the SAPCS-Federal Application?
  3. My organization is still conducting the primary prevention planning process. Given that the planning process is not completed what should be the basis for target groups and targets on Approved Activities on the SAPCS-Federal Application?
  4. We understand that collaboration and community ownership is important to primary prevention. What if another member of the primary prevention committee provides educational seminars - do we include those numbers in our target projections on the SAPCS-Federal Application?
  5. How do we capture the work involved in the planning process in the SAPCS-Federal Application?
  6. In the FY08 SAPCS-State application individual counseling is being defined as services provided by a licensed professional. Where do I include targets for non-licensed personnel that provide on-going support services to clients?
  7. When I enter information into the Target (Tabs F-G) and the Budget (Tabs K-N) portions of the SAPCS-State and the SAPCS-Federal workbook the information does not always auto-calculate or appear on the Summary pages; what do I need to do?
  8. The instructions for the SAPCS-Federal application says that the organization must designate and request funds for a Primary Prevention Coordinator that is responsible for the development and implementation of primary prevention strategies and activities. This position must, at a minimum, work 20 hours per week on primary prevention activities. Can I use four staff members working 5 hours each on primary prevention to fulfill this requirement?
  9. Is there a requirement for a title for the staff member that is designated as the Primary Prevention Coordinator?
  10. If my organization’s Primary Prevention Coordinator is working 40 hours per week and 20 of those hours are working on primary prevention activities, can they work on other projects during the remainder of their 40 hours