Crime Victim Services

Rent and Relocation

Victims of domestic or family violence that occurred on or after June 19, 1999, or victims of sexual assault occurring in their place of residence on or after September 1, 2001, may receive one-time-only assistance with rental and moving expenses.

Relocation expenses are available as a one-time award of up to $3,800 ($2,000 for relocation expenses and up to $1,800 for rental expenses). This benefit provides victims of family violence and victims of sexual assault in their residence with funds to pay for moving expenses, utility deposits, moving vans, and rent.

In order to assist individuals seeking this benefit, forms in both English and Spanish are available below to download and print. Upon completion of the entire packet of forms, mail completed forms to:

Crime Victim Services Division - CVC Program
Office of the Attorney General - MC011
PO Box 12198
Austin, TX 78711-2198

Make sure that all required signatures are included.

Relocation Packet Information (English and Spanish)
Form Name English Spanish
Instructions for Relocation/Rental Expenses X X
Relocation and Rental Assistance Acknowledgment X X
Relocation Expense Worksheet X X
Payment Affirmation X X
Letter of Intent X X
Certification Letter for Victim of Family Violence Waiver for Electric and Telephone Service Deposit X X
Texas Retail Electric Providers X X
Dominant Certificated Telecommunications Utilities X X
Waiver of Gas Service Deposit Letter for Victim of Family Violence X X