Ken Paxton
Violation sign against prohibiting handguns

30.06 Ruling Letters

When uncooperative governments post signs to ban Texas citizens from carrying where it is legal, they are breaking the law and infringing on Texans' Second Amendment rights. Pursuant to Senate Bill 273 passed by the 84th Legislature, citizens may file complaints against these political subdivisions that unlawfully post signs prohibiting concealed weapons on property where concealed handgun license holders are legally permitted to carry.

Individuals who observe violations must first file a complaint with the government that appears to be in violation. If the entity does not remove the sign within three (3) days, citizens may file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office to investigate the matter and enforce the law.

Entity Location Letter Issued Date
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The letters posted above were issued by the OAG in response to complaints that met all the statutory requirements of Government Code section 411.209. Complaints that do not meet all of the statutory requirements may be deemed incomplete and closed without a decision.