Ken Paxton

Administrative Divisions

Six administrative divisions provide support to the other divisions of the agency. Their functions include procuring goods and services for the agency, responding to contacts from the public and recruiting and screening applicants.


The Accounting Division processes the payments for invoices related to purchases of goods and services, processes agency revenues, maintains the agency’s central accounting and financial reporting records, completes travel reservations for agency employees, processes the reimbursements for employee travel expenses, processes the agency’s payroll, prepares the agency’s state and federally-mandated financial reports, secures funds for the agency’s grant supported programs, and administers agency-wide processes that have a financial component or internal control issues related to security of data.


The Budget Division is responsible for establishing, monitoring, and controlling the agency's annual operating budget and prepares the agency's Biennial Legislative Appropriations Request. The division also performs the agency cash management function, coordinates the preparation of the indirect cost rate plan, manages legislative performance measures, prepares interagency contract billings for legal services, and prepares fiscal notes for the legislative session.

Constituent Affairs

The Public Information and Assistance Division (PIA) facilitates communication between the Office of the Attorney General and its customers. PIA is responsible for the agency Web site and its conferences. The division houses the agency's main switchboard, the Consumer Protection Hotline and responds to general citizen inquiries by telephone, letter or e-mail.


The Procurement Division is responsible for the purchase of goods and services for the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).  The goal of the division is to provide timely and accurate
assistance to other OAG divisions, our customers; and to procure what is needed at the best value to the agency
within state and federal statutes and rules.  In addition, the Procurement Division is responsible for managing:

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division is responsible for human resource services and support for the 4,000+ employees of the Office of the Attorney General. This division is responsible for posting agency vacancies, recruiting job applicants, ensuring compliance with the Position Classification Act, administering employee benefits, developing and maintaining human resources policies and procedures, conducting new employee orientation, and maintaining all employee files including timekeeping data for employee leave. This division also handles EEO, unemployment claims, and employee relations issues, maintains the payroll clearance function, prepares agency HR statistics and reports, coordinates training for the administrative and legal divisions, and provides advice and counsel to management and employees on HR matters.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Division supports the agency's overall mission by furnishing independent analyses, appraisals and recommendations concerning the adequacy and effectiveness of the agency's internal controls, policies, and procedures. The division is also responsible for coordination of audit activities with the outside audit community and provides technical assistance to the agency's managers on a wide variety of management, financial, operational, and technological issues.

Support Services

The Support Services Division provides administrative (Logistics & Infrastructure) support services for the agency statewide. This includes courier services, vehicle fleet management, facilities management, mail operations, property management, reprographics, and warehouse operations. It also provides risk management services, which include business continuity and disaster recovery.