Ken Paxton

Received a secure email message from one of our staff members and need help accessing it?

The following guide should assist you in the process of decrypting a secure Texas Office of the Attorney General email.

What does an encrypted email look like?

The Office of the Attorney General uses Microsoft Message Encryption for Office 365. The first line of the message should start with “You’ve received an encrypted message”.

How do I access the secure message?

To access the secure message, open the email attachment named message.html. Upon opening the attachment, you will be presented with the following two options to decrypt the message:

outlook prompt

If your account is not a Microsoft account or has not been registered with Microsoft, we recommend that you choose the “Use a one-time passcode” option. The one-time passcode will send an additional email with an eight (8) digit code that is valid for fifteen (15) minutes. Enter the code into the Passcode box of the secure email message window to access the message.

What if I can’t decrypt the message correctly?

If you experience difficulties with the decryption process, please contact the sender and inform them of your issues. If necessary, they will contact the appropriate support personnel.