The Office of the Attorney General has the authority to deny or suspend a license for nonpayment of child support.

Who can be affected by license suspension?

The Office of the Attorney General can petition the court or use administrative remedies to suspend a license issued to an NCP who:

  • owes overdue child support in an amount equal to or greater than the total support due for three months,
  • has been provided with an opportunity to make payments toward the overdue child support under a court ordered or agreed repayment schedule,
  • fails to comply with the repayment schedule.

What kind of licenses can be suspended or denied?

Licenses related to:

  • practicing or engaging in a particular business, occupation, or profession,
  • operating a motor vehicle, or
  • engaging in any other regulated activity for which a license or permit is required, including; hunting, fishing or other recreational activity.

What can I do to keep my license from being suspended or denied?

In order to prevent the suspension of your license, you must enter into an agreement to pay a lump sum towards your unpaid support. In addition, you must begin paying your obligated child support amount and past due amount.

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