Employers are critical partners in the Office of the Attorney General - Child Support Division's mission to ensure that children receive the support they need and deserve.

Employers and Child Support: By The Number

Each year, employers help the Office of the Attorney General:

  • Collect about 80% of all child support paid in the state—totaling nearly $4 billion in 2017

  • Respond to almost 150,000 National Medical Support Notices

  • Enroll approximately 110,000 Texas children in employer-sponsored health insurance programs

In other words, the cooperation of employers directly improves the lives of Texas families.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers have seven broad areas of responsibility when it comes to staying in compliance with child support state and federal laws.

  • Report newly hired and re-hired individuals
  • Respond to verification of employment requests
  • Comply with medical support notices
  • Withhold income (garnishment of wages)
  • Submit mandated payments
  • Notify the CSD prior to issuing lump sum payments
  • Report terminated employees with income withholding orders from the CSD

Why and How To Communicate With The Child Support Division

When you partner with the CSD, you are not only staying in compliance, but you are actively aiding the CSD in meeting its mission.

If you’re an employer who is not in compliance or who has received correspondence from our office, you can start today to get everything back on track.

For information on how to fulfill your employer responsibilities, contact the Employer Call Center at (800)850-6442 or access the Texas Employer website.