Ken Paxton

Juvenile Crime Intervention

The Office of the Attorney General works to provide youth, parents, educators, and law enforcement with the tools needed to combat juvenile crime and gang activity in our communities. The agency's Juvenile Crime Intervention (JCI) section provides training, sponsors conferences, and publishes handbooks on juvenile crime and juvenile law.

Training for Parents, Educators, and Communities

The following presentations can be geared for different audiences, including parents, teachers, community leaders, and law enforcement. Visit the law enforcement training pages for more courses geared to peace officers.

Drug Culture in Texas -- Provides insight into the drug culture in Texas. Participants will learn about current drug trends, drug culture, and raves in Texas.

Gangs 101: What Everyone Should Know -- A graphics-driven training curriculum that covers a wide variety of gang-related issues, including the psychology of gang recruitment, the structure of the gang culture, common gang identifiers, and graffiti awareness.

Gangs and the Internet -- Explores the connection between street gangs, as well as variations of such organized criminal groups, and the use of the Internet. This training will examine the Internet as a criminal communications resource. Participants explore social networking websites and the various crimes attracting youth online, including gangs, street racing, and fight clubs. Participants will gain an understanding of the criminal information found on the Internet. Prevention and intervention strategies are also discussed.

Hate and Extremist Groups -- Examines hate and extremist groups in Texas. Participants will explore the threat to our youth created by criminal hate groups.

Cops in School: Partnership Between Law Enforcement and School Officials - Covers four distinct topics of interest to law enforcement and school administrators: Notification requirements, Juvenile vs. Student Records, Search and Seizure in School, and Student Interviews.

Search and Seizure in School - Focuses on the legal issues pertaining to searches of students and their personal effects in the school setting.

School Attendance Laws - Focuses on Texas compulsory attendance laws and the legal requirements involved in the enforcement of attendance violations by both students and parents.