The OAG SANE Certification program establishes minimum standards for registered nurses seeking certification to conduct sexual assault exams. The certification focuses on the care provided during a sexual assault exam for victims of sexual assault and abuse.

Types of Certifications

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) offers two types of certification for a registered nurse (RN):

  • Certified Adult/Adolescent SANE (CA-SANE) focusing on adult and adolescent patients

  • Certified Pediatric SANE (CP-SANE) focusing on pediatric patients

Individuals may apply for one or both certifications. The SANE Certification Guide (PDF) outlines the minimum standards and application requirements for each type of OAG SANE certification.

Certification Requirements

To be certified, a RN must complete the three core components:

  • An OAG-approved SANE Training Course
  • Clinical requirements
  • Courtroom observation

View the SANE Certification Guide to learn more (PDF).

Apply for Certification

If you are interested in becoming an OAG SANE certified nurse:

Renew Your Certification

If you are interested in renewing our OAG SANE Certification:

Contact SAPCS

Additional Information

What does a certification mean?

The OAG certifies that an RN has documented completing the minimum requirements for obtaining certification. The OAG does not review a nurse’s competency or capability to provide care. Local facilities and SANE programs should establish patient quality of care review policies. Part of the local protocol may be to require an OAG SANE Certification before a RN can conduct exams at the medical facility.

Do I need an OAG SANE Certification to conduct a sexual assault examination?

There is no legal requirement in Texas that you have an OAG SANE Certification. Some jurisdictions and medical providers require the certification. Check with your local area to see if this applies to you.

OAG SANE Certification does not ensure employability. Individuals should contact local SANE programs and medical facilities about employment opportunities. The OAG does not help SANEs obtain employment.

What is the goal of a SANE Training?

A SANE Training equips RNs to respond to the needs of patients requesting medical care because of sexual assault or abuse. It trains them on how to conduct a comprehensive sexual assault medical forensic examination. It also prepares them to testify in court about that medical exam.

After completing a SANE training and completing the other requirements, the RN may apply for OAG SANE Certification.

Where can I receive SANE Training?

SANE training is offered across the state by various medical facilities and training providers. Please contact the OAG for a list of OAG-approved SANE Training Providers.