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AOP Certified Entities

The Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) is for parents who are not married to each other. When both the biological father and the mother sign the AOP form, it becomes a legal finding of paternity. The biological father becomes the legal father and has all the rights and duties of a parent, including his name being placed on the birth certificate. Parents who would like to establish paternity for their child through the AOP process must seek the assistance of an AOP certified entity.

If you are interested in becoming an AOP certified entity, find a paternity outreach coordinator in your area.


Special Circumstances for the AOP

Materials for Parents

Applicable Statutes and Regulations

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Office of the Attorney General's Hospital AOP Awards

FFY 2017 Hospital Award Criteria

Paternity Outreach Coordinators will make three monitoring visits during the federal fiscal year to every birthing hospital that employs AOP-certified staff. Visits are to ensure that facilities and staff are complying with AOP regulations.

Hospitals are eligible to receive an Exemplary award from the Office of the Attorney General if their average quality control score is 100 percent at the end of the federal fiscal year. Hospitals with an average quality control score of 98 — 99 percent at the end of the federal fiscal year will be eligible for an award of recognition.

FFY 2017 Hospital Awards

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