Ken Paxton

Child Care Service Provider Information

Victims of crime or claimants may qualify for child or dependent care benefits if the need for child care is a new expense as a result of the crime.

Child care expenses are paid after the service is rendered. The CVC program does not pay for future child care services or make payments in advance of services. Reimbursement may be discontinued at any time based on the claim status and follow up by the claimant. The agreement for services is between the provider and victim or claimant. CVC does not assume any responsibility for the terms of the contract between the two parties.

Payments may be reimbursed directly to the victim or claimant with a paid, verifiable receipt or payment may be made to the child care provider on the claimant or victim’s behalf after the service is rendered. The duration of the benefit is awarded based upon the type of crime and date of crime. Approved benefits may be limited to a 90 day time frame unless a death of the victim has occurred. The case manager assigned to the claim will be able to provide information on the duration of the approved benefit.

Child care providers must be a Licensed Care Provider and have a permit granted by an appropriate governmental body, authorizing the person or entity to carry on the business for which the permit is granted. Children receiving child care must be listed on the CVC application as claimants.

What documentation is required from Child Care Providers?

  • Care providers' fee schedule and license, permit or registration
  • Signed contract, if entered into a contract, between the provider and other party (claimant or victim)
  • Itemized billing for dates of service, name of each child, provider’s tax identification number
  • Mailing address and telephone number, on company’s letterhead.

How do Child Care Providers submit bills?

You may mail in your itemized bill to:

Crime Victim Services
P.O. Box 12198
Austin, Texas 78711-2198

Bills may also be faxed to 512-936-1792. All bills should be sent after the child care service has been rendered. Please include the victim claim number on all bills.

Can the CVC Program provide assistance for adult dependents?

The CVC Program can also assist with dependent care for adult victims who become disabled or incapacitated because of the crime. If you have any questions, please call the CVC program at 800-983-9933.