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Funeral and Burial Payment Information

If the Crime Victim Compensation (CVC) Program determines the claim to be eligible, certain funeral and burial expenses may be payable up to $4,500 plus mileage or freight when the deceased is transferred over 50 miles to another location for the funeral or burial. The person accepting the financial responsibility for the funeral expenses must be listed on the victim’s claim.

If a claim is reduced (50% or 75%) due to eligibility, the amount awarded will be reduced.

Items required for payment:

1. Funeral Purchase Agreement (FPA):

  • Must be legible, contain the date of service, and be signed by the funeral home representative and a valid claimant (person accepting financial responsibility must be added to the claim by completing the claimant portion of the CVC application).
  • Must be the current or final version of the agreement (not an estimate).
  • General Price List (GPL) for the funeral home may be required if CVC does not have a current copy.
  • Must be verifiable, usual and customary charges and in compliance with the Rules of the Texas Funeral Services Commission. Texas Administrative Code, Title 22, part 10, Chapter 203.
  • Revisions to the FPA must be approved by both parties and a revised FPA must be submitted with appropriate signatures. See Tex Admin Code 203.7(b)(5)(A)(ii).

2. Payments received by the funeral service provider from others including any insurance payment must be shown on the FPA. Most insurance payments are collateral sources and CVC will pay the funeral provider less any collateral source payments received. Payments made by a CVC claimant can be reimbursed to them if the total award does not exceed the maximum award for the funeral and burial expenses of $4,500.

Collateral sources include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Burial and Life insurance
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Social Security Death Benefits
  • Employer’s Death Benefits
  • Cash received from friends or family
  • Foreign Consulates
  • Donations from charities, churches, etc.

3. Receipts for any payments made to the funeral home (third party payments, family member payments, etc).

4. The funeral home Tax Identification Number.

5. Death certificate.

6. Cash advance items, charges from other funeral homes, etc.

Receipts, invoices, and/or contracts if the FPA includes charges for services rendered by other providers (other funeral homes, shipping services, cemeteries, air freight, etc.). The amounts listed on receipts, invoices and/or contracts must coincide with the amounts submitted on the FPA. If the amounts on the FPA and the receipts, invoices or contracts do not coincide, CVC will suspend processing the claim for payment until the matter is resolved by the funeral home.

Customary items considered for payment during review of funeral and burial expenses:

  • Work performed by mortuary staff to prepare the body for viewing
  • Use of facility (visitation)
  • On-site funeral service (chapel)
  • Automotive charges
  • Grave side services, preparation and equipment
  • Cost of the casket or one funeral urn
  • Plot (Cemetery space)
  • Marker, headstone or tombstone
  • Outer burial or alternative containers
  • Embalming
  • Charge for actual cremation

The following items are not considered for payment:

  • Travel from the place of death to the morgue
  • Food
  • Finance Charges
  • Coroner Charges
  • Post Cremation Expenses (jewelry, decorative objects, furniture, appliances, space travel)

Transportation Information and Documentation

For evaluation of transportation charges over 50 miles one way:

  • Include the start and final destination addresses for the remains including the location of the funeral (city, state, or country) and burial site.
  • If transportation occurred between two funeral homes, receipts and contracts from both funeral homes must be submitted.
  • If the body is shipped by air, a copy of the air bill (listing the victim’s name) must be submitted.

Documentation required for transport to another state or country:

  • Burial Transit Permit (VS-116); or
  • Apostille issued by the Texas Secretary of State.

CVC staff may ask for any receipts or contracts from other providers of service as necessary. At the time of submission, all sources of payment must be disclosed with the FPA. If changes occur or payments are made after the original submission, the funeral home is obligated to notify CVC and re-submit a revised FPA with appropriate signature/or signatures.

The provision of funeral and burial services is a critical step in a loved one's recovery. If you have questions or require assistance, please contact the assigned case manager at 1-800-983-9933.