Ken Paxton

Integrated Tracking System (ITS)
Frequently Asked Questions

There are many instances when someone might not be too sure how to document a service, count a client or how to retrieve information within ITS. These are frequently asked questions, errors that may occur and basic knowledge.

What if a husband comes in for counseling regarding his wife's assault but she never seeks counseling? Can we count him? Do we have to add her?

There are many instances when a client may request services and is not a direct victim. We call these clients secondary victims because they are indirectly affected by the victimization. It's important that you do count the services rendered to these clients. If there is no primary victim to tie the secondary victim to, then he/she can be entered in the system as the primary. The "type of abuse" would be "sexual assault" and the "victimization" would be "other." As in the case of the wife that did not come in for service, you would not add a client if no service is provided.

What if we have a client that was initially entered in as Domestic Violence and then discloses that she had been sexually assaulted? What if the counselor she divulged the information to is not an OAG/SA funded staff; do we count the client's services as DHS or OAG?

If a client shares information regarding a sexual assault and your staff offers her any counseling or support in regards to sexual assault then you would count that session as both DHS and OAG regardless of the staff members funding.

How do I build a query?

Queries are a piece of Access which is the Microsoft (MS) application that ITS is built in. Queries can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 or more complex. There isn't one method to building a query that will be effective for every need you have. The best thing to do is read up on MS Access Queries or call the ITS Systems Analyst and set aside some time to do some case run scenarios.

What if a client initially calls the hotline and is entered in ITS with little information, but then comes into the agency and wants counseling and we're able to get more information, can we go back and change information?

You may go back and change information regarding demographics, but you cannot change the initial contact date. You may adjust victimization and offender information.

We have different funders that want us to capture additional services not in the service list. Can we add additional services to the service list?

It is best not to make changes to the client service list without prior approval from DHS or the OAG ITS Systems Analyst. ITS can be modified to best serve your agency but you do not want to change the core service base.

Our agency has a network. Can we put ITS on the network, or does it have to be on a computer by itself?

ITS can be on any computer in your agency, whether it is on a network or stand alone. Unfortunately at this time DHS and OAG does not provide technical network support. ITS can be networked, but this is not recommended unless you have a very good understanding of networking.

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