Ken Paxton

State of Texas v. Marque Learning Center et al. FAQs

In December 2014, the Office of the Attorney General of Texas filed a lawsuit against the individuals and entities involved in operating the Marque Learning Center (defendants are listed in the lawsuit). The lawsuit alleges the defendants violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by selling fraudulent high school diplomas and transcripts. The judge issued an initial Temporary Restraining Order, and the defendants agreed to extend and modify the Temporary Restraining Order. You can read a full description of the State’s lawsuit here

How does the Temporary Restraining Order and its extension affect Marque customers?
Under the terms of the extension of the Temporary Restraining Order, the defendants agreed to close down their main location at 11811 East Freeway, Houston, Texas 77019. Defendants also agreed to not sell Marque Learning Center products or services, not accept any more consumer payments, and not enroll any new students. The lawsuit is ongoing.
I am worried my Marque Learning Center diploma is invalid. What should I do?
Immediately seek out alternatives for high school completion, such as educational offerings from your local community college or public school district. Local school districts (ISDs) offer alternative part-time options for students who want to receive their high school diplomas. Call your local school district or go online to learn more. Remember to ask about “credit recovery” programs. Community colleges also offer alternatives for those students who wish to attend college but do not have their high school diploma.
How can I get my student records?
You should direct any inquiry about your records to the company; however, because Marque is not a legitimate school, the State does not have any official student records of Marque students.
What do I do if my college revokes or threatens to revoke my financial aid?
Consult with the financial aid office at your college about qualifying for financial aid. Your college may recommend that you obtain a GED or that you attend a credit-recovery program offered by your local school district.
Can I get a refund of my money that I paid to Marque?
You should direct any inquiry for a refund to the company. If the company declines to refund your money, you may wish to consult a private attorney about your rights. The State cannot guarantee that there will be any monies available for refunds or other losses at the end of the State’s lawsuit.
What if I paid with a credit card or a debit card?
You may want to contact your credit-card company or bank about reversing the charges. Financial institutions often are willing to reverse charges when fraud or other illegal conduct occurs.
Should I file a complaint with the Attorney General?
Yes, if you wish to register your complaint, the complaint form link is here: Make sure you attach any documentation you may have. (Using a smart phone is a good way to scan in paperwork to upload with your complaint.) Include payment details if you have them.