Consumer Complaint

File a complaint about a business, business practice, or scam with our Consumer Protection Division.

Charitable Trusts Complaints

File a complaint about mismanagement or diversion of assets by a charitable trust with our Charitable Trusts Section.

Abortion Provider Transactions

Report a governmental body entering into taxpayer resource transaction with an abortion provider in violation of Chapter 2272 of the Texas Government Code.

Exclusion of Licensed Handgun Holders

Report a state agency or political subdivision that excludes a licensed handgun holder from carrying a concealed handgun in an area where the person is legally permitted to carry in violation of state law.

Hemp Transportation

Report a person or entity transporting hemp products improperly in violation of Texas Agriculture Code Section 122.356.

Peace Officers Carrying Weapons

Report an establishment that is prohibiting or restricting a peace officer from carrying a weapon he or she is otherwise authorized to carry in violation of Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.1305.

Rights of a Living Child

Report a physician who has violated Texas Family Code Section 151.002.

Sanctuary Cities

Report a local government or institution of higher education that has adopted or enforced a policy that prohibits enforcement of immigration law in violation of Senate Bill 4, enacted by the 85th Texas Legislature.

School Electioneering

Report a public official using public resources for political advertising in violation of Texas Elections Code Chapter 255 or Texas Education Code Chapter 11.

Traffic Cameras

Report a local government that has implemented or operated a photographic traffic control system in violation of Texas Transportation Code Chapter 707.