Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is announcing today the new “Support Adoption” License Plate and Support Adoption Grant Program, administered by the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), which will provide funds to eligible non-profits offering adoption services.  


The Support Adoption program was instituted by Senate Bill 2376, authored by Senator Donna Campbell, and recently signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott. The OAG will distribute grants to organizations that provide for the material needs of pregnant women considering adoption for an unborn child and children waiting to be adopted. Additionally, the grants can be used to offer training, advertising, and counseling related to adoption. In some cases, the funds will be used to directly defray the cost of adoption—which can sometimes be tens of thousands of dollars.  

“I am excited to announce this new program encouraging the life-changing miracle of adoption,” said Attorney General Paxton. “None of the money will go to any organization that promotes abortion or abortion-related services. In Texas, we recognize that life is precious and must be protected. However, more than merely opposing the violence of abortion, we are pro-life. That is why the “Support Adoption” grant program was created: to assist those who might feel hopeless, lost, alone, or confused, and offer them a better path.”  

The Support Adoption Committee appointed by AG Paxton worked with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to design the new specialty plate, which can be viewed here. To find more information about the Support Adoption program and the organizations that are eligible for grants, click here.