Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sent a letter to United States Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, informing him of a new Texas law that grants Border Patrol agents additional authority under specific circumstances.

Senate Bill 602, passed by the 88th Texas Legislature and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, empowers Border Patrol agents to enforce state felony offenses if the incident occurs at a port of entry or border patrol traffic checkpoint and is incidental to detainment under federal law. Border Patrol agents must complete a specialized training program with the Texas Department of Public Safety prior to exercising such authority.

By issuing this letter to Secretary Mayorkas, Attorney General Paxton is fulfilling his obligation to give written notice of the law to the commanding authority as directed by the Legislature.

“Texas has been forced to develop new solutions after the federal government abdicated enforcement and even weaponized immigration law to intensify surges of new arrivals at the border,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Senate Bill 602 reflects Texans’ desire for a more robust and effective response to the historic levels of unvetted foreign aliens entering our state.”

Due to the Biden Administration’s failure to uphold the law and defend the integrity of our nation’s borders, Texas has had to step into the breach. Attorney General Paxton will continue to use every lawful measure to stop the massive surge of illegal immigration facilitated by federal negligence and neglect.

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