Attorney General Paxton has filed two new multistate amicus briefs with the United States Supreme Court to stop the Biden Administration from forcing hardworking Americans to pay off billions of dollars of debt for college-educated individuals. Paxton took previous steps to stop the unlawful wealth transfer, and these new amicus briefs build on those efforts.  

In the case of Department of Education v. Brown, the coalition highlights the unprecedented nature of the Biden Administration’s attempt to unlawfully expand executive power. The brief states: “The political branches have repeatedly tried, and failed, to pass legislation canceling or reducing student-loan debt. The Executive Branch sidestepped these failures by claiming that it has long had the power to cancel debt under the HEROES Act of 2003—post-September-11 legislation providing debt relief for the brave men and women fighting the war on terror. The Secretary of Education’s mass loan cancellation—$400 billion of the $1.6 trillion outstanding federal student-loan debt—is among the most egregious examples of unauthorized executive action.” 

In the case of Biden v. Nebraska, the coalition focuses on the states’ standing in the case by highlighting specific damages inflicted on the state of Missouri by the Biden Administration’s program. The brief states: “Respondent States will suffer real, imminent, and particularized Article III injuries if the Secretary’s program goes into effect. That is especially obvious with respect to Missouri, since the program will inflict financial harm on MOHELA—a non-profit governmental entity created by Missouri statute to achieve ‘essential’ government objectives.” 

To read the full brief in Department of Education v. Brown, click here.   

To read the full brief in Biden v. Nebraska, click here