Attorney General Paxton sent a multistate letter to Carelon, which provides tele-health and tele-pharmacy services, thanking it for not announcing its intention to unlawfully distribute abortion pills and reminding the company of its obligations under state and federal law. 

Prior to sending the letter to Carelon, Attorney General Paxton sent letters to CVS and Walgreens, and to the Albertsons Companies, Rite Aid, Costco, Kroger, and Walmart, regarding the illegalities of using the mail to distribute abortion-inducing drugs.  

Federal law expressly prohibits utilizing the mail to transport a drug “designed . . . or intended for producing abortion,” and mailing abortion pills is also a violation of many state laws that prohibit abortion.  

Though the Biden Administration has attempted to ignore the law, the companies must follow it in order to best safeguard the health of their customers. They do not have the option to fall in lockstep with the illegal pro-abortion agenda of the current Administration.  

The Indiana-led letter states: “Moreover, companies that mail abortion pills jeopardize informed consent, as they have no way of confirming that the consumer who ordered the pills is the same person who will end up taking them. Knowing that a company distributed or sold a product in violation of state and federal law is material information to a consumer. Failing to disclose such facts to the consumer implicates our consumer protection statutes that prohibit deception, unfair practices, and material omissions. As the chief legal officers of our states, we promise to rigorously enforce these and any other applicable state laws. We will do so regardless of whether the Biden Administration defends federal law.”  

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