A federal judge agreed with Attorney General Paxton and set aside a Biden Administration policy that would have mandated all Head Start program staff and volunteers receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The rule would have also forced all parents, staff, volunteers, and children over the age of two to be masked while participating in the program and attending school.  

“I’m proud to announce that the Biden Administration’s attempt to use the Head Start program to mask toddlers and force the vaccine on staff and volunteers has now been permanently defeated,” said Attorney General Paxton. “I have worked relentlessly to end Biden’s troubling policies of medical tyranny, especially his attempts to impose draconian interventions on our children, as well as his efforts to punish Americans who do not comply with his preferred medical treatments—many of which are arbitrary, ineffective, and unjustified by the scientific evidence.”  

The judge’s order is a major victory for individual liberty and for all children, who deserve to grow up unburdened by unnecessary mask mandates. The court order will prevent the rule from ever being implemented in the future. 

Attorney General Paxton filed the lawsuit in December 2021, and he previously secured a Texas-wide preliminary injunction to halt the rule’s implementation.  

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