The following is the 2024 biennial update from the Office of the Attorney General (the "OAG") mandated by section 552.274(a) of the Public Information Act (the "Act"), Chapter 552 of the Government Code. This update covers eight quarters, December 1, 2021, through November 30, 2023. Results are based on monthly information provided online to the OAG by state agencies, including state universities, as required by section 552.010 of the Government Code. Ninety-five agencies reported data through the online reporting portal provided by the OAG during the covered quarters.

This biennial update shows agencies self-reported fulfilling over 2.2 million requests, collecting more than $1.3 million dollars in costs and fees for providing public information under the Act, and spending over 9,000 hours of employee time fulfilling public information requests. Additionally, the reporting agencies state they requested a ruling from the OAG on whether information is excepted from disclosure under the Act approximately 5,500 times and spent a combined total of around 35,000 hours of employee time redacting confidential information.

The online reporting form consists of 22 categories of public information commonly collected, assembled, or maintained by all state agencies in the course of business, plus an additional category titled "Other" and used to report information specific to the reporting agency. The category titled "Other" allows agencies to tailor reporting to capture requested information that is unique to them. Unfortunately, due to formatting and the variety of information reported in this "Other" category, it is impossible to provide an accurate explanation of the kind of information reported in this category. We urge all agencies to review their entries to correct errors, consolidate similar categories, and report routine information within the categories already provided.

In addition, in order to assist agencies in understanding and meeting the reporting obligation, the OAG has provided a training course and made the training course available on our website.  This training may be found on our YouTube channel.

Below are the results for each agency, shown by quarter. The information may be viewed by agency, as well as by reporting measure.

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