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Ken Paxton

Transportation Code section 502.403, county is required to send a portion of revenue generated by county fee for child safety to municipalities under

Ken Paxton

County clerks and commissioners court have concurrent authority to collect certain payables under Code of Criminal Procedure article 103.003|Commissioners court authority to establish and supervise county collections department and delegate collection of money to private collections firm|Contract between commissioners court and private collections firm to collect money owed to the county

Greg Abbott

Administrative fee, in the absence of statutory authority, a county may not collect, in connection with a deposit of funds made to a county judge under Transportation Code section 601.123|Financial responsibility under Transportation Code section 601.123, an additional deposit of at least $55,000 with the county judge is required to establish, for a second vehicle if financial responsibility for that vehicle has not otherwise been established through an authorized method|Funds received pursuant to Transportation Code section 601.123, in the absence of any other statutory or regulatory guidance, a court could conclude that a county judge may deposit into a separate account in the county depository and use his or her discretion to decide whether that account should be an interest-bearing account|Funds deposited with the county judge under Transportation Code section 601.123, interest earned on belongs to the person making the deposit|Evidence of financial responsibility, the owner of a vehicle may provide for an additional driver only if the other person is employed by the owner or is a member of the owner\\'s immediate family or household pursuant to Transportation Code section 601.054(a)