Ken Paxton


Delegation of legislative authority to private entity-a court would first confirm the delegation, examining whether it results in a private entity setting public policy, providing the details of the law, promulgating rules and regulations to apply the law, or ascertaining conditions upon which existing laws may operate. If so, court would apply eight-factor test from Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation, Inc. v. Lewellen to determine whether the factors as a whole weigh in favor of or against constitutionality.|Delegation of legislative authority to public entity - court examines whether the Legislature established reasonable standards to guide the public entity in exercising such powers.|Regulatory takings challenge, a court considering challenge would use federal framework examining: (1) regulation's economic impact on claimant; (2) the nature of the governmental action; and (3) regulation's degree of interference with property owner's economic expectations."|Proposed management plan (the "Plan") for the Upper San Saba River involving a potential delegation of legislative authority, the constitutionality of, and whether such a Plan would result in a regulatory taking, involves fact determinations that cannot be resolved in an attorney general opinion.

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