Crime Victim Services
Assisting Victims of Violent Crime

The Crime Victim Services Division has revised certain sections of the Crime Victim Compensation administrative rules. To review the new rules and the effective dates, please access the November 9, 2007 edition of the Texas Register.

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The Office of the Attorney General serves victims of crime by administering the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund and related grants, and by offering training and outreach programs. Respect for crime victims is the underlying principle in all that we do. We strive to provide our services to victims in a compassionate, efficient, and fair manner. Our programs offer services to all regions and citizens throughout the state.

The ability to provide assistance to victims of crime is linked to the solvency of the Compensation Fund. Approximately 95% of the money in the Compensation Fund comes from court costs and fees from convicted criminal offenders. The Office of Court Administration assists counties and municipalities with improving the collection of outstanding court costs and court fees. Learn more about the Model Collections Program administered by the Office of Court Administration.

The Attorney General's Crime Victim Services Division is made up of two programs: