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Resources for Law Enforcement

The Office of the Attorney General is committed to supporting local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors' offices to fight crime in the state of Texas.

This office can assist with criminal investigations and prosecution at the request of local officials. The OAG also coordinates and cooperates with interjurisdictional efforts involving local, state and federal criminal law enforcement agencies.

OAG investigators can assist with specialized and technical matters such as computer forensics, complex financial investigations, money laundering, white collar crime and election fraud.

OAG prosecutors are experienced trial attorneys with a strong track record in difficult areas of criminal law such as capital murder, election fraud and public corruption.

Prosecutors and other law enforcement officials may direct their requests for investigatory and/or prosecutorial assistance to:

Deputy Attorney General Criminal Justice
Office of the Attorney General
P O Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548
Phone: (512) 475-4220
Fax: (512) 474-4570

Peace Officer Liaison

In an effort to provide support to licensed and commissioned peace officers across Texas, the Attorney General has established the position of peace officer liaison. Peace officers may direct their inquiries on law enforcement issues to Captain Greg Lucas of the Criminal Investigations Division at (512) 936-1335 or by email at

Juvenile Crime Intervention

The Juvenile Crime Intervention (JCI) Section serves as a clearinghouse for information related to youth crime and its prevention. JCI provides training on juvenile crime prevention, juvenile justice, and proper investigation of crimes involving juveniles. JCI also maintains a gang information sharing system which is accessible only to criminal and juvenile justice agencies.

Contact Juvenile Crime Intervention by phone at (512) 463-4024, fax (512) 469-3173, mail at P.O. Box 12548 Austin, TX 78711-2548, or by email:

Victim Assistance Training

The Attorney General's Crime Victim Services Division offers TCLEOSE certified training for law enforcement agencies, prosecutors' offices and juvenile probation agencies on a variety of victim-related topics. Courses include:

  • Crime Victims' Compensation - how victims and their family members can qualify for financial assistance for certain expenses related to the crime and the specific benefits available through the program.
  • Victims' Rights - information on rights available to victims of adult and juvenile offenders, includes a discussion of who is responsible for ensuring that victims are afforded their rights and how victims can exercise their rights.