The Juvenile Crime Intervention Section (JCI) provides criminal and juvenile justice personnel with resources needed to combat juvenile crime and gang activity in our communities.  JCI administers a secure gang resource system and provides specialized gang and juvenile law-related training and comprehensive juvenile-based publications. 

The Texas Violent Gang Task Force (TVGTF)

The TVGTF (CCP, Chapter 67, Subchapter G) was created to establish a statewide gang networking system among local, state and federal criminal and juvenile justice professionals.  Central to the TVGTF mission is sharing information about gangs and gang activity, which is achieved primarily through regional intelligence meetings, training, and the timely dissemination of gang-related information. The TVGTF has long contributed to the success of gang investigations and intelligence sharing around the state by promoting interagency collaboration with the common goals of prevention, intervention, suppression, and prosecution of gangs. Per statute, advisory board members are either appointed by the Governor, or designees of participating state agencies, and required to facilitate gang intelligence meetings in designated regions of the state.  The OAG designee, is responsible for organizing and facilitating four regional Intel meetings per year.

The TVGTF Gang Training Initiative, funded by a grant through the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office, enabled the Office of the Attorney General to work with the TVGTF to provide regional gang training to underserved areas within the state. From 2014 thru 2020, the TVGTF has facilitated 34 tuition-free gang trainings, benefitting more than 5,000 criminal and juvenile justice agency personnel representing over 1,000 agencies in multiple counties throughout Texas. Working in conjunction with the established Texas Anti-Gang centers, grant funds are being used to facilitate gang intelligence sharing meetings in the six TVGTF regions and one advanced, specialized gang training. For information about a future training, please contact JCI at 512 463-4024 or [email protected].

General Assistance

JCI staff provide general assistance to request for publications, youth resources/referrals and law enforcement assistance.  The assistant attorney general (AAG) on staff provides assistance to the public, law enforcement and prosecutors who call or email with questions regarding the juvenile justice system.  AAG guides the requestor to the legal resources, statutes and case law available to address the questions particular to the juvenile justice system.

Gangs & Community Response

Recognizing the warning signs and indicators of youth involvement in gangs at the early stages is key to intervention.  Communities, schools, and parents must work together to prevent gang involvement. 

Our Publications

Juvenile Justice Handbook (PDF)

School Crime & Discipline Handbook (PDF)