Compensation may be available for dependents of a victim who have lost financial support because of the crime.

Once your application is approved, we will work with you to determine if you are eligible for loss of support.

What Loss of Support Costs are Covered?

Compensation for loss of support covers income or financial support provided by either the victim or offender at the time of crime that is no longer available because of the crime.   

Who May Receive Compensation?

  • A victim or claimant may request loss of support compensation on behalf of a dependent
  • The spouse of a deceased victim

What is Considered a Dependent of a Victim?

  • A “dependent” as defined by the U. S. Internal Revenue Service code
  • The spouse (legal or informal marriage) of a victim who dies as a result of the crime

Compensation Limits

For dates of crime after July 14, 2016, compensation for loss of support is limited to $700 per week. For dates of crime before this, other limits will apply.

Payments to the dependents of a deceased victim may be provided on an ongoing basis until they no longer meet the U.S. Internal Revenue Code dependent definition.

Payments to the spouse of a deceased victim may be provided on an ongoing basis, unless the spouse remarries.

Payments to the dependents of a surviving victim are limited to 13 continuous weeks.

CVC is the last source of payment by law. All other readily available resources must pay before any payment by the program. Learn more about payment sources at Covered Costs.

Related Documentation

As your application is being processed, be prepared to provide copies of:

Proof of dependency:

  • Marriage license
  • Signed declaration of the marriage
  • Court order or divorce decree establishing guardianship
  • Child's birth certificate

Proof of financial support:

  • Wage verification
  • An unopened copy of the victim's federal income tax return from the IRS;
  • Court order showing child support for claimant/dependent;
  • Proof of Social Security survivors benefits

We will tell you what documentation to mail to CVC and when.