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Crime Victims' Compensation:
How to Apply

If you are a victim of violent crime in Texas, report the crime to the local law enforcement agency and ask for information about the Crime Victims' Compensation program. Most police and sheriff's departments will have a crime victiim liaison who can explain the program, provide you with an application and help you fill it out.

Applications for Crime Victims' Compensation are also available from prosecutors' offices, as well as some hospitals and medical centers.

Victims of sexual assault who have had a medical sexual assault forensic examination conducted at a hospital on or after September 1, 2015, and incurred costs for emergency medical care associated with the medical sexual assault forensic examination should complete the Application for Emergency Medical Care. This application gives the victim the option to only seek reimbursement for the costs for that emergency medical care.

You can get an application directly from the Crime Victims' Compensation Program in the Office of the Attorney General by calling 1-800-983-9933, or you can download the application, fill it out and mail it in.

Please read the information on eligibility and reimbursable expenses carefully before filling out the Crime Victims' Compensation Application.


Application Review

After receiving an application and related documentation, including a complete offense report, the Attorney General's Crime Victims' Compensation Program reviews the information to see if the crime, the victim and/or claimant are eligible for the program. This process involves verifying all the information presented in the application.

Witnesses to the crime, law enforcement officers and prosecutors involved in investigating and prosecuting the crime, physicians, counselors, hospitals, and employers may be contacted for additional information. A decision about whether the victim or claimant is eligible is usually made within 45 days.

A staff member is then assigned to the case and works with the victim or claimant to review expenses incurred as a result of the crime and determine which ones are eligible for reimbursement or payment.


Your Right to Appeal

If the Crime Victims' Compensation Program makes a decision with which the victim or claimant disagrees, the victim or the claimant has a right under the law to ask that the decision be reconsidered. The victim or claimant must notify the Crime Victims' Compensation Program of the reason for their dissatisfaction and provide additional information in this reconsideration process.

If the outcome of the reconsideration process is not satisfactory, the victim or claimant may request a final ruling hearing from the Crime Victims' Compensation Program. If the victim or claimant does not agree with the outcome of the final ruling, an appeal may be made to district court.

More information on appeals.


For More Information

Or write to:

Crime Victim Services Division - CVC Program
Office of the Attorney General - MC011
PO Box 12198
Austin, TX 78711-2198

Or Call: 1 (800) 983-9933 or (512) 936-1200 (in Austin)

Or in your community, contact your local law enforcement agency's Crime Victim Liaison or your prosecutor's Victim Assistance Coordinator.

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