Attorney General Paxton is launching an investigation of Texas Bar Foundation fund recipients to determine whether funds contributed to it are being used to support the border invasion. This expands upon Paxton’s investigation into the Foundation.  

The three targets of the Agency’s Requests to Examine (RTEs) are recipients of Texas Bar Foundation funds. Paxton is investigating whether these funds are being used to exacerbate the current crisis at the border and to thwart the efforts of federal and state law enforcement to secure the border. 

“Biden and his allies have caused an invasion at the border and a crisis in the homeland. Not only has this Administration abdicated its duty to secure the border, but it has also actively encouraged an illegal invasion into the United States,” said Attorney General Paxton. “What’s more, it seems some Texas groups may be facilitating the invasion. I won’t tolerate it. I will stay firm in my duty and responsibility to serve and protect Texans from the fallout of these irresponsible parties,” said Attorney General Paxton.  

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